Monday, February 3, 2014

Teal The End - CT Tutorial

Teal The End Tutorial
By: JodieLeigh's Creations

Scrapkit Love Me Not By: Black Widow Creationz
You can Purchase it HERE
Tube Amanda By: Verymany
You can Purchase it HERE

This tutorial is written with the understanding
 that the user has a good working knowledge of psp.
Any similarities is strictly coincidental
Before we begin, note that all layers are accompanied by a drop shadow of the same.
Effects, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow
OV(-4) H(-3) AO (50) Blur (5.00) Color (Black)

Let's Begin

New Image Layer 600x600- Transparent Bkgrd
Open EL12- Copy and Paste to New Image
Open Paper PP6- Copy and Paste
Position behind EL12- Resize to fit
Open EL13 and EL14
Resize to 450x436
Copy and Paste to canvas 3 x each
(refer to my tag for guidance)
Open EL2 – Resize to 450x170 (49%)
Copy and Paste to Canvas
Position behind flower (EL13-14)Layers
Open Tube: Amanda
Close out all layers except the teal/blue shirt layer and skirt.
Merge these layers-Copy & Paste to Canvas
Open EL22- Resize to 450x423
Copy and Paste to Canvas
Hang off the heel of Tubes Shoe
Open EL15, EL16 and EL27
Resize all 3 elements to 299x537
Copy and Paste to Canvas
(refer to my tag for a guidance)

Remember Your Drop Shadows On All Layers
Remember To Add Copyright Information


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