Friday, January 3, 2014

Magical Autumn Tut

Magical Autumn

Scrapkit-Autumn Kissed By Creative Scraps By Crystal
You can purchase it HERE
Tube-Anita By Alex Prihodko
You can purchase it HERE
Software-Paint Shop Pro X

***Be Sure To Refer Back To My Tag For Guidance***
C/P (Copy & Paste)

Let's Get Started

New Image (Canvas) 600x600
 All Elements and Tube is using Drop Shadow
(Effects-3D Effects-Drop Shadow)
OV-5, H-6, AO-50, Blur-5.00, Color-Black
Resize Tube- Scale X 38.75% - Scale Y 38.76%
C/P w/ Orange/Red Dress to Canvas
Resize Element_28- Scale X 59.34% - Scale Y 59.07% - C/P to Canvas
Resize Element_34- Scale X 71.80% - Scale Y 68.18% - C/P to Canvas
Resize Element_35- Scale X 68.17% - Scale Y 68.18% - C/P to Canvas
Resize Frame_3- Scale X 77.94% - Scale Y 78.04% - C/P to Canvas- Position behind tube
Resize Paper_4 to fit behind Frame_3
Resize Element_41- Scale X 68.59% - Scale Y 68.68% - C/P to Canvas (on Frame_3)
Resize Element_42- Scale X 57.07% - Scale Y 56-71% - C/P to Canvas
( behind tube/on top Paper_4)
Resize Element_66- Scale X 50.52% - Scale Y 50.20%
C/P to Canvas 2x's - Mirror 2nd one  (Image- Mirror)

****Remeber: Refer Back To Tag For Guidance****

Resize Element_18- Scale X 36..21% - Scale Y 36.21% - C/P to Canvas
Resize Element_ 5- Scale X 54.76% - Scale Y 54.82%
C/P to Canvas- Behind Tube and Frame
Resize Element_22- C/P to Canvas 2x's- Behind Frame and Paper
Resize Element_51- Scale X 45.75% - Scale Y 45.83%
C/P to canvas Between Frame and Paper
Resize Element_17- Scale X 39.01% - Scale Y 39.11% - C/P to Canvas
Resize Element_43- Scale X 27.88% - Scale Y 27.84% - C/P to Canvas 2x's
Resize Element_45- Scale X 24.28% - Scale Y 24.23% - C/P to Canvas
Resize Element_28- Scale X 59.34% - Scale Y 59.07% - C/P to Canvas

****Remember To Refer Back To My Tag For Guidance****

Place Copyright & Artist Information Along W/ License #
Double Check Your Work

Layer - Merge - Merge Visible
Font Used : Estrela Fulguria, 1784. - Size 28


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